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DOUBLE: deconstructing classics to make them eternal.

“How can we adapt classic sartorial constructions to contemporaneity and together resist
passing trends?”

DOUBLE creative process starts from this question. Our idea is rooted in sartorial
traditions but keeps well in mind contemporary needs and seeks to adapt its attachment
to the Italian manufacturing tradition to global modernity.

DOUBLE starts from the need for a return to quality materials and the attention for
garment production. The consequence of these needs is reflected by our creative and
productive paths, by the places we select for our production and by the constructive
techniques we use.

We believe in classics but we like to match them with unusual color palettes and enjoy
experimenting with washing and embroidery. We like to research and design accessories
that are unique in their shapes and materials.
DOUBLE stands for a radical opposition to fast fashion and its consequent market

Our collections are produced in a handful of selected Italian workshops.
Our suppliers master sartorial traditions and abilities that are handed down from one
generation to another. With our collections we want to support this legacy and its

Our ambition is to offer precious, premium quality garments that are free from seasonal
trends but that are always contemporary.

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