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What is a double coat?

The term “double”, in fashion, refers to a double fabric, consisting of two layers joined with an internal stitching, completely handmade. It is the perfect manufacturing for both reversible and non reversible clothes where both sides appear completely seamless.

Double production is processed with a special machine that opens the fabric on all perimeters, dividing it in two parts with the same thickness and 12 mm depth. The two strips are then folded down inwards on themself and then hand sewn by expert taylors.

This procedure is repeated for all the stitchings on the item, thus obtaining a perfect finishing touch.

Why is double manufacturing so precious?

  • The tailoring of double garments takes place in a few specialized laboratories in Italy. The manufacturing requires long and complicated procedures with several manual interventions.

  • Every single component of a double cashmere coat is manually processed, including pockets and accessories like buttons, zips, patches and other details.

  • All the finishings are completely handmade and the buttons are fastened only on the outer layer so that the garment can appear seamless.

  • The creation of a double garment requires the effort of up to 8 artisans and the production might take up to 2 days.

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